Welcome to Gall-E-Xy's Weird Mind

Hello! The name's Gall-E-Xy and I'm a writer. More like I'm a person who likes to reblog writing tips posts on Tumblr, but never actually writes anything. But that is going to change! I've got about 15-20 projects right now, and my objective with this wiki is to organize my thoughts and finally get these ideas who have been stuck on my head out.

My Stories

My stories are divided into what site I post them to, those sites being Tumblr, Spirit Fanfics, YouTube, Quotev, Wattpad or Deviantart


Saint January / São de Janeiro
You versus me we've got somethings
Sunset Valley
Look at this homework I've let all
K-Pop: Ancient Korea
Now then do you all like my classes
Running Man Warriors
Just like we always did back then
The Perfect Anime
I'm not a stranger to the dark


this is me
I won't let the shame sink in
I am brave i am bruised
And I know that I deserve your love
Crafts & Mines
I'll send them a flood to drown them out

Spirit Fanfics

A Maga de Outra Realidade
to the bride!
Meteor Garden: Quando Um Desejo Idiota É Realizado
I remember that night I just might


Barbie: The Princess And The Popstar
And I realize three fundamental thruths


Background Ponies
Number three I know my sister



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